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Focusing on the Shortage of Professionals, Accelerating the Building of

Date:2021-08-06 00:00:00



CASWSS successfully held the "The Fourth Training Course for Senior Managers of National Senior Service Institutions (Zhejiang area)" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from July 17 to 21, 2021. At a close matching up with work arrangement of National 14th Five-Year Plan pushing forward the high-quality development of senior service industry, based on the requirement of Development Plan for Civil Administration in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period confirmed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, this training course is a brand new one, which was carefully researched, developed and organized by CASWSS, summarizing the working achievement of managers in national elderly service institutions around the country, integrating the output of excellent service management experts team in the senior service field during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.


This training course was held by CASWSS and Zhejiang Elderly Service Association, undertook by the training department of the CASWSS, Beijing Zhongfu Elderly Culture & Technology Co., Ltd., and supported by Zhejiang Dongfang Pension Office. Feng Xiaoli, President of CASWSS, attended the opening ceremony of the training course and delivered a speech. Fang Renbiao, deputy director of Department of Civil Affairs in Zhejiang, and Xu Jiazeng, President of Zhejiang Elderly Service Association, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Chen Zhongjun, deputy director of elderly service Department of Civil Affairs in Zhejiang, and Wu Jinfu, deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, Mou Xiaojun, vice president and secretary general of Zhejiang Elderly Service Association, Zhou Wei, vice president and executive deputy secretary general, and Shen Xiaoping, deputy secretary general and Party branch secretary attended the opening ceremony. Chen Dongsheng, standing deputy secretary general of CASWSS, presided over the opening ceremony; over 230 directors and senior managers of pension service institutions from 14 provinces and cities participated in the training. The training course was presided over all the way by Bian Jing, director of training department of CASWSS.



Speech by Fang Renbiao, deputy director general of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs.


In his speech, Fang Renbiao, deputy director general of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, on behalf of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, extended warm congratulations on the opening of The Fourth Training Course for Senior Managers of National Senior Service Institutions of CASWSS, and expressed heartfelt thanks to leaders of CASWSS and elderly care colleagues inside and outside the province who have long care and support for pension industry in Zhejiang. He delivered a comprehensive introduction to the substantial achievements of the senior service in Zhejiang during the 13th Five-Year Plan period under the promotion of relevant policies of government departments and the joint efforts of the whole society; he also expounded that Zhejiang Province is contriving to push ahead with high-quality development on building a demonstration area of common prosperity and building a happiness senior service system in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. A medium-term and long-term plan, the 14th Five-year Plan for elderly work and the 14th Five-year Plan for elderly service actively addressing population aging have been shared and promptly introduced to keep up with the national strategic arrangements actively responding to aging population in the first year of the 14th-Five Year Plan. Meanwhile relevant polices and measures have been pushed forward, such as advanced planning for senior service with "Happiness in elderly care, Better life in Zhejiang", high-level construction of comfortable elderly home in well-being, and casting a golden card brand of "longevity in Zhejiang" for common prosperity. And he also looked forward to the bright prospects for the development of elderly service industry in Zhejiang Province; he hopes that this training course will further boost the construction of professional team in Zhejiang Province, raise the service ability for the elderly and provide high-quality services for more elderly people.



Feng Xiaoli, President of CASWSS delivered a speech and gave a lecture


In her speech at the opening ceremony, President Feng Xiaoli of China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service, on behalf of CASWSS, first expressed heartfelt thanks to the cooperative sponsor of this training course - Zhejiang Elderly Service Association, and extended sincere thanks and rousing welcome to all colleagues from the front line of senior service who give sincere love to the elderly. She pointed out: 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the opening year of the national "14th Five-year Plan", and the development framework of economy and society in the "14th five year plan" has determined to actively respond to the rise of aging as a national strategy; relevant national ministries and commissions, aiming at the comprehensive arrangements for the high-quality development of the senior service industry during the 14th Five Year Plan period, rolled out a series of latest policies. It is an important issue for the senior managers of every pension institution that the way to actively implement the state's work plan on promoting the high-quality development of senior services, to effectively organize the managers and service providers of senior care institutions, and to provide standardized and professional services. In the "14th Five-Year Plan" innovation and development work arrangement, CASWSS has listed it as the key work to cooperate with the government departments on strengthening the capacity building of senior service managers and organizing multi-level professional training. Revolving around the themes of the latest national policy learning, service delivery, standardization and quality management, leadership development of managers, team culture construction, research and development and promotion of scientific and technological products, CASWSS has elaborately designed systematic courses for this training course, hoping that all the students will fully grasp the theoretical framework of comprehensive discipline and the key points of service delivery and quality management of elderly care services by earnest studying, actively communicating, achieving mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, and applying what they have learned, so that they can accelerate self-capacity building in order to meet the needs of high-quality senior care services.


Later, President Feng Xiaoli gave on-site lectures on the topics of Interpretation of the Latest National Pension Policies During the 14th Five Year Plan Period and Development Trend and Classified Guidance of the Pension Service Industry During the 14th Five Year Plan Period.



Xu Jiazeng, President of Zhejiang Elderly Service Association, delivered a speech and gave a lecture


In his speech, president Xu Jiazeng of Zhejiang Elderly Service Association, on behalf of the local industry associations and the cooperative organizers of the training course, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests such as deputy director Fang Renbiao and President Feng Xiaoli who attended the opening ceremony, and extended a warm welcome to more than 230 colleagues in the elderly service industry, and expressed sincere thanks to CASWSS for holding The Fourth Training Course for Senior Managers of National Senior Service Institutions in Hangzhou; he looked forward to the in-depth exchanges between colleagues in the elderly service industry from all over the country and colleagues passing on lessons and teaching experience, improving the service and management ability through the training course in Zhejiang Province during the training course, so as to play a backbone role in the high-quality development of the elderly service industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.



China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service

Chen Dongsheng, Standing Deputy Secretary General of CASWSS


The training course enjoys a strong team of faculty, where fifteen teachers delivered systematic and professional lessons, which are upon the themes such as The Latest Policy Interpretation of Old-Age Service During 14th Five-Year Plan Period, Development Trend and Classification Guidance of Elderly Service Industry During 14th Five-Year Plan Period, Development Trend of Elderly Service In The New Era, Graded Services and Quality Points of Geriatric Rehabilitation, The Grade Service and Quality Point of Senile Psychological Consultation, Grading Service For the Elderly and Quality Points of Chinese Medicine Health Care, Grading and Quality Points of Geriatric Care, Standardized Management and Quality Control Points of Elderly Service, Important Rules of Standardized Management and Quality Control Points of Elderly Service, Leadership Development of Senior Care Institutions (Cultivation of Strategic Thinking), Leadership Development in Elderly Care Institutions (Operation Planning and Marketing Strategy), Financial Management Quality Points of Nursing Institution for the Aged, Performance Management of Nursing Institution for the Aged, Talent Team Construction and Ability Raise of Nursing Institution for the Aged, Legal Analysis and Risk Prevention of Senior Care Institutions, Important Rules of Ability Assessment Services for the Elderly, Important Rules of Facilities and Equipment Configuration for Senior Care Institutions, and Salute You For Serving The Aged.



A group of experts are delivering lectures


During the five-day training, the on-site learning scene was orderly, and the students were absorbed in the lecture. The training class scientifically arranged on-site Q & A and group learning and discussion sessions, teachers aiming at the discussion and sharing of the teaching contents of each learning unit combined with working practice in order to consolidate learning outputs. Teachers organized an assessment before the end of the training on the topics of The Importance of Classified Services Provided by Pension Institutions, The Importance of Standardization Construction in Quality Management, The Importance of Leadership Construction and The Importance of Team Culture Construction, students writing papers based on work practice. The high-quality teaching, scientific curriculum design, passionate teachers, professional teaching from work practice and various training arrangements of the training class were highly praised by the students.


On-site Training


Finally, Chen Jianyi, director of the Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province, made a comprehensive summary of this training class. He earnestly hopes that the students will carefully summarize the learning outcomes, share and communicate with the work team after returning, and carefully grasp the following points in their work: First, students should seriously learn and understand the latest national policies on elderly services, pay attention to professionals training, and constantly improve nursing skills and service ability; Second, to put safety first. Constantly perfect the management system and implement safety management; Third, to improve service quality in all respects by understanding the key points and quality control points of classified service provision according to different categories of elderly people in the institution; Fourth, to pay attention to the construction of team culture, care for service providers, treat people with warmth, retain people with treatment, and improve the cohesion of the team.


At the closing ceremony of the training course, representatives of the trainees scrambled to make speeches.


Rao Zhen, President of Wuhan Jiang'an District Social Welfare Institute, said: " I have dabbled in the field of senior service for over 30 years. It's my first time seeing systematic and professional training in such standardization and excellent qualification. Thank the leaders of CASWSS for their concern for the local elderly care work, which has further stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for the elderly care cause! I hope to contribute to Chinese silver business under the leadership and guidance of CASWSS !”


Wang Ximei, President of Jing'an Nursing Home in Yaohai district, Hefei city, said:" Many thanks to CASWSS and President Feng for providing us with this opportunity in high-level learning and exchange. Thank so many experts for offering the methods in avoiding risks on the road of elderly care. Benefited a lot from the lectures of experts, we learned about the latest policies and development trends of the elderly care industry. And thanked all teachers for their hard work .”


Li Yali, chairman of Heilongjiang Huize Family Industry Service Co., Ltd., said:" Every rewarding class of this training brings about rapid growth for me. Each teacher's teaching method showed his/her own personality and different personal charisma attracted me, a pupil in the elderly care industry.Wisdom in hold, elegance in mold. I believe that their temperament is accumulated from enormous piles of books and a large amount of practical experience. If we set them as an example, we should continue to learn and enrich ourselves like them!”


Hua Liuhui, secretary of the Party branch of Longquan Sunshine Elderly Welfare Center in Longquan City, Zhejiang Province, said:" Thank President Feng of CASWSS, president Xu of Provincial Association, director Bian and vice president Zhou, as well as the teachers and the staff in front of and behind the stage for their hard work! I have harvested a lot and benefited a lot from this training. We need to refresh and improve ourselves constantly on the way of senior service. Let's apply what we have learned and work together to forge ahead in a new journey of serving the elderly; let's keep this beautiful memory in our hearts forever. Time is like songs, bless each other for better tomorrow!”


At the closing ceremony, the students were delighted to receive the training certificate of senior managers of the elderly service institutions which were issued by the CASWSS. And the training class achieved full success.



Group photo of guests in the training course and students



(Source:China Association of social welfare and elderly care services)