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Annual Guideline for CASWSS in the Year 2022

Date:2022-03-10 00:00:00



The year 2022 is key to the nation's improvement of the high-quality development of social welfare and senior service with full efforts during the 14th Five-Year Plan. The China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service (hereinafter referred to as CASWSS), as a state-level association in the field of social welfare and senior service, will fulfil its aim, tackle challenges, serve the society and conduct active practices.

The annual work focus is determined as follows:


Annual Goals 

Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, earnestly study and implement the agenda on the innovative development of social welfare and senior service in the Plan for Developing Elderly Services and Building the Elderly Care System During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), and actively implement the guidelines on the scientific development of the industry associations in the Plan for Social Organizations during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period. Take the guidance of active response to the national strategy of population ageing, promoting the synergistic development of senior business and industry, formulating and improving the moderately inclusive and diversified senior service system and ensure there is a cushion for those in need, as well as continuously fulfilling the ever-growing needs of multilevel and high-quality senior service. The guidance of Party building, optimizing services, cultivating brands and coordinating development should be pursued as our main task. Under the support of commissions of the CPC Central Committee and relevant government departments, organize membership committee to focus on the industrial development needs, innovate and expand service channels, strengthen service capacity building, and improve service quality and efficiency. Strive to give full play of the association's role in serving the nation, the society, the masses and the industry, make new contributions to advancing the high-quality development of social welfare and senior service as well as people's well-being. With remarkable achievements, we will present our gift to the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China.


Annual Priorities


. Reinforce the leading role of Party building and advance integrated development


  1. Strengthening Party organization building and improving core leadership.

    Under the guidance of the commissions from the CPC Central Committee, we will actively conduct crucial action on the work quality of Party building, educate and lead the Party members and employees to be deeply conscious of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment with the central Party leadership. We must stay confident in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We must uphold the core position of the General Secretary on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and uphold the Central Committee's authority and its centralized, unified leadership; further integrate Party building and our businesses, in order to effectively exert the Party's core leadership in the innovative development of the association.


  2. Strengthening theory study and arming ourselves with the Party's theories.


    Earnestly implement the agenda on thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 6th plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the 20th CPC National Congress by the Party organizations at higher levels. Effectively organize and launch relevant learning activities, and promptly follow up and study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinpings latest speeches and instructions, so as to promote ideological and political guidance for the Party members with the Party's innovative theories, and uphold the purpose and determination to promote solidarity as well as implement CPC policies.


  3. Formulating the Party branch's Three-Year Work Plan of critical quality improvement, and implementing the Plan in accordance with the schedule.


    Strengthen capacity building of the Party organizations substantively, and promote the capability of Top-level Design, planning and coordination, innovation-oriented development and supervising key fields.


  4. Promoting team building and improving sustainability. Earnestly advance the building of ideology and capacity cultivation of the Party members.


    Strengthen the awareness of the Party members and their sense of responsibility to the Party, enhance their awareness of the ethical standards of the Party and promote political integrity. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the Party members, cadres and officials to start businesses, and give full play of the leading role of Party cadres in the arrangement of key positions and the implementation of key projects. Under the leadership of Party branches, give priority to the construction of the association's leadership group, and enhance popular organization building. Create synergy for our work and develop our business with joint forces.


  5. Insisting on political integrity and discipline observation, and securing the guarantee of our safety.


    We should think about worst-case scenarios, promote the construction of political integrity, and ensure the implementation of political integrity in the major businesses, key capital flows and decision-making of major events of the association, so as to provide a solid basis for the safe operation of the association.


    Ⅱ. Serving the overall development and supporting rural revitalization


    Actively respond to the agenda on consolidating the achievements in poverty alleviation and supporting rural revitalization by the Committees of Central and State Institutions and the Social Organization Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Take good use of the industry's advantage and integrate high-quality resources of the industry. Conduct supporting work with the themes of rural senior service system building, vocational training of elderly service personnel, rural Health Science popularization and legal service, in order to display the association's national role in consolidating the achievements in poverty alleviation and supporting rural revitalization.


    Ⅲ. Strengthening brand building and energizing industrial development


    The year 2022 is a year of improving the high-quality development of social welfare and senior service. The association will further focus on the new industrial development needs, innovate and expand key businesses, and centre on brand cultivation to boost the scientific development of the industry.


    1.Innovating research service modes, and bolstering service expansion


    Focus on the latest needs of the senior group to a better life for a new era. Give full play of the role of the Fuyi HelpAge Fund in pooling efforts and wisdom. Under the guidance of related government departments, we will integrate high-quality resources, assemble expert teams, innovate and develop new modes for cultural senior service, tourism service, TCM health management service, so as to provide an intelligent base for the expansion of service channels.


    2.Innovating Group Standards construction and bolstering the improvement of industrial quality and efficiency


    Earnestly implement the agenda on Group Standardization in The Outline to Promote Standardized Development at the National Level. Continue to organize and conduct development and research on five categories of group standards, including the provision of senior service, personnel training and evaluation, equipment and products, smart technology and the construction of senior service facilities. Actively promote the transformation of the achievements of group standards. Effectively roll out the pilot projects of the released group standards, in order to take the lead in innovative industrial development.


    3.Centering on the personnel shortages of the industry and accelerating personnel cultivation


    Earnestly implement the state's strategic agenda of deepening vocational education reforms and advancing the elderly service personnel construction. Based on the spirit and requirements of 'Developing cooperation with provincial and municipal industry associations, vigorously conducting related vocational education and personnel training for elderly service and nursing', which are proposed in the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Strengthening the Work on Senior Service in the New Era, directed by the industry's demand for professionals, and to serve the member institutes and the industry practitioners, we will develop close cooperation with municipal and provincial industry associations, effectively organizing members of the association and staffs of relevant institutes to actively join in the vocational skills training covering different levels and categories, so as to provide intellectual support for industrial standardization building and service brand cultivation.

    Firstly, we will further integrate high-quality educational resources based on the industry's urgent needs of professional talents. Continue to promote the 'Pilot Project of the Vocational Technical Grade Certificates for Elderly Care', and proactively apply for new vocational skills identification projects to relevant departments of the state. Advance the integration of high-quality vocational schools and universities with enterprises through the pilot project, and improve the examination and evaluation mechanism of vocational talents for elderly service, so as to advance the quality and efficiency of cultivating vocational talents in elderly service.

    Secondly, we will accelerate the system construction of vocational training courses for elderly service. Upgrade the series of materials of professional skill training for elderly service already developed by the association, and innovate the research on the resources of high-quality course of elderly service talents covering different levels and categories, so as to provide an intellectual basis for graded and classified training.

    Thirdly, we will strengthen the building of the teaching workforce, and select the team of teachers according to the curriculum system, to set up the Hundred-Teacher Team of the CASWSS and form a Teacher Tank. Special training for the teachers should be carried out for the industry to improve the quality and efficiency of professional teaching.

    Fourthly, we will deepen the cooperative mode of graded and classified training. The cooperative model of personnel cultivation with provincial associations will be deepened further, and training classes for senior managers of elderly service institutes will be jointly carried out with local associations to boost the comprehensive management level of members of the provincial associations. Various training classes for middle managers of elderly service institutes will be held for members of CASWSS to earnestly improve the standardization service and management level of the departments of elderly service institutes. We will deepen the cooperation with provincial associations, professional colleges and universities, and local brand service institutes, hold training courses for core technical personnel of elderly service institutes, so as to continue to improve the professional service capacity of the elderly service institutes. Be cooperative with the elderly care personnel training conducted by the Bureaus of Civil Affairs, the Bureaus of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Bureaus of Education. Jointly hold training courses for senior nurses and nursing care technicians, in order to earnestly solve the problem of shortages of talents in the area of elderly care.


    4.Giving full play the advantages of CISSE and speeding up the cultivation of service market


    Based on the state's work requirements on building a system of domestic, community and institutional elderly care services to meet different medical and health care needs. Continue to host CISSE and relevant professional forums successfully, and organize well the regional Expo together with provincial and municipal associations. Based on the platform of CISSE, we will accelerate and improve domestic and international exchanges and cooperation of the industry, put priority on cross-border cooperation, and boost the transformation of scientific research results in the field of elderly health, to support the research and development, as well as generalization of information technology products for the convenience of the elderly, assistive devices and articles of daily use, develop new business forms and modes, in order to bolster the accelerated cultivation of service brands and products with Chinese characteristics and boosting the high-quality development of the elderly service industry.


    Ⅳ. Maintaining the right tone in public communication and strengthening welfare cultural building


    In the year 2022, CASWSS will further strengthen welfare cultural building, increase the public attention and improve the effects of publicity of our official website (both Chinese and English), the magazine WELFARE CHINA and our official Wechat account. Centring on the responsibility of 'holding high the banner, responding to people's aspiration, cultivating new talents, prospering the culture and presenting a positive image', we will carefully develop welfare culture, enthusiastically give publicity to creative policies and tangible results of the industry, passionately eulogize the spirit of devotion of the front-line workers and teams, build a beautiful spirit community, so as to spread social care, enhance industrial cohesion, and encourage the whole society to jointly contribute to the industry with passion.


    Ⅴ. Advancing the building of branches and expanding new modes of service


    1.We will strengthen the scientific management of the company. With Beijing Zhongfu Elderly Welfare Culture and Technology Co., Ltd as the undertaker of the key projects of CASWSS, the association will guide the company to centre on the association's overall plan of development and construction, and implement the plan in a coordinated way. We need to further deepen our awareness of service, innovate the management and administration mode, successfully conduct key programs including the Pilot Project of'1 plus X' Vocational Technical Grade Certificate for Elderly Care of the Ministry of Education, the CISSE, the magazine WELFARE CHINA and various vocational skills personnel cultivation in cooperation with the Training Department, so as to strive to reach win-win results in social benefit as well as economic benefit.


    2.The Children Welfare and Protection Service Branch will earnestly implement the goal of 'improve children's well-being, protect the children's legitimate rights and interests, and jointly promote development', proactively support the plan of competent government departments to continuously improve the quality and innovative transformation of children welfare institutes, organize and conduct the formulation and revision of group standards of the children welfare organizations as well as the transformation of results achieved by the organizations, undertake the mission to develop and guide social forces to participate in the protection of minors, and support to the government to innovate the service of rearing, educating, serving and protecting the children.


    3.The Community-Based Home Care Branch, on the basis of successfully holding the general election, will cooperate with the government to implement relevant national policies on home-based and community elderly service, focus on the society's need, and organize relevant service institutes to actively participate in the work of community-based home care service, including standards formulation, vocational skills personnel training, business cultivation for famous brands, so as to play our due role in expanding the community-based home care service, promoting the life quality of the home-based elderly group.


    4.The TCM Health Service Branch, under the guidance of the Group Standard Technology Committee of CASWSS, should strictly strengthen self-management, earnestly develop the Pilot Project of Standardization Construction for TCM Elderly Health Service Stand in Communities, advance the deep integration of TCM service, Health Management service and elderly service, and take the general election as an opportunity to pool high-quality resources, so as to promote the integrated development of TCM service, Health Management service and Elderly service.


    5.The Intellectual Elderly Service and Technology R&D Branch, centering on the advancement of 'Internet plus Elderly Service', will utilize the technological innovative service modes based on the Internet, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, precisely dock the need of serving the elderly, develop smart facilities and products for the convenience of the elderly, formulate and revise the relevant standards and confirm their quality, generalize the fruits of smart elderly service and the advanced technology of elderly service, so as to boost the normalized and standardized development of Smart and Healthy Elderly Service.


    6.We will proactively prepare for the addition of relevant professional service branches. Based on the need of developing new types of businesses for elderly care, we will prepare to set the Professional Talents Team Construction for Elderly Service Branch, Legal Service Branch, Cultural Service Branch, and Tourism Service Branch. Under the guidance of relevant government departments, we will organize and develop professional service modes, researches on service standards, and personnel training for relevant vocational skills, so as to set up new models for Elderly Healthy Life through cross-border cooperation and promotion of pilot projects.


    Ⅵ. Promoting capacity building and strengthening sustainable development


    1.Effectively organizing general election


    In 2022, CASWSS will overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic, strictly follow the requirements on general elections from the Central and National Committees, and prepare for the General Assembly for the general election of the third Council, based on the regulations in the Constitution of CASWSS and the Plan for the General Election of CASWSS. We will take the general election as an opportunity to reflect on the fruitful achievements in the past decade, promote scientific development, pool high-quality social resources, and jointly build a shared future.


    2.Innovating service means and improving our capability to serve the members


    The members of CASWSS are the cornerstones of the association's innovative development. In the year 2022, we will strengthen foundation building for membership management, improve the relevant system and communication mechanism, refine the service needs of members and advance our service methods, innovate the modes of consulting service, training service, publicity service, legal service and cooperation service, so that we can timely provide services that demonstrate a human touch. We will concern the members' concerns, worry for the members' worries, so as to help the members to address their difficulties, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and promote self-regulation in the industry.


    3.Advancing scientific management and promoting development


    We will strictly observe all the management systems and the institution of Party conduct and government integrity, in order to ensure that our association's management of operation, capital funds, and various projects abide by the law and regulations, and we will earnestly implement Party conduct and government integrity, ensuring the association's secure operation. We advocate the spirit of ‘responsibility, optimism, learning and devotion’, give full play of the enthusiasm and creativity of the managers, and build a backbone talents team with innovative minds, sense of responsibility, well-rounded skills to work hard and work well, so as to inject impetus for the association's sustainable development.




    The year 2022 is key for CASWSS to take on the opportunity of the general election and innovate our work. The association's Party branch and leadership team will lead all the members to earnestly fulfil the goal of 'Serving the nation, the society, the industry and the masses', implement the annual work targets, and accomplish the annual key tasks, so as to play a supportive role to help implement the national development strategy on actively responding to population ageing, and unite the social forces to jointly make new contributions for the development of social welfare and elderly service.