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Speech at the 7th China International Senior Services Expo

Date:2018-06-06 09:20:00


Dear Chairman Zhang Meiying, Dear Minister Gregory Ross Shaw, Dear Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends

Good morning!

Today, we are kicking off the 7th China International Senior Services Expo here in the National Conference Center. Entrusted by President Feng Xiaoli, and on behalf of the sponsors of this expo, China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service, and China Professionals-Workers International Travel Service Head Office, I would like to express our hearty thanks to Vice Chairman Zhang Meiying and Minister Gregory Ross Shaw who enthusiastically support this Expo and attend today’s event! I would also like to extend our sincere thanks to friends from home and abroad, all the organizers, co-organizers and supporters of the Expo, and all our colleagues who have put their relentless efforts in the development of the senior service industry and in the improvement of the welfare of the elderly!

It is known to all that during the 13th Five-Year period, in order to actively respond to the problem of aging, our country has promulgated a series of regulations, plans and policies, encouraging the entire society to actively take part in the senior service cause. There has been unprecedented enthusiasm in the international community and domestic social forces to participate in the construction of our country’s senior service industry. Remarkable success has been achieved in the exchange and cooperation on the platform of the Expo; and supported by the government’s purchase service policy, relevant social organizations at various levels have undertaken research, service, talent training and industry assessment projects in the field of senior service, playing a positive role in the orderly development of the senior service industry.

Since its establishment 8 years ago, China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service has actively supported the work arrangement of the Ministry of Civil Affairs regarding strengthening the construction of the senior service system. In the development environment in which the country’s 13th Five-Year Plan actively addresses the aging problem, accelerates the supply-side reform of the senior service industry, improves service quality and service ability, and enhancing the welfare of the elderly, we diligently study how social organizations can play their role in serving the country, serving the society, serving the elderly and serving the industry, and have initiated China International Senior Services Expo thanks to the high level of attention from and the trust of government authorities. The Expo has been successfully held for seven consecutive years with the strong support of relevant foreign and domestic social organizations, building a platform for the government, the society, service institutions and enterprises to communicate the latest policies, facilitate exchange and cooperation, cultivate service brands, and drive the market to open up. The Expo’s purpose of “Caring for the Elderly, Making Life Better!” has become the consensus and practical action of more and more colleagues.

The year of 2018 is a critical one when our party and people, guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist thoughts with the characteristics of China in the new era, conscientiously carry out the people-centric development concepts, and better drive the all-round people development and all-round social progress. The senior service industry is a livelihood cause relating to the welfare of hundreds of millions of people. Supported and encouraged by relevant state policies, social organizations will accomplish a lot in facilitating the supply-side reform of the senior service industry, creating diversified senior service models, and propelling the development of the senior service industry. Leveraging the Expo as a platform, China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service will continue to work with you to further promote foreign and domestic exchange and cooperation. In the implementation process of the country’s “Belt and Road” initiative, we will join hands with colleagues from home and abroad to address the challenges together, share experiences, and seek common development, making new contributions to satisfying the desire and needs of the elderly for a beautiful life, maintaining the health and dignity of the elderly, and promoting the society’s harmonious progress!

We wish the 7th China International Senior Services Expo a great success!

Thank you!