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General Office

I. Job responsibilities

Office is the administration of daily affairs of which the class of decision and management of China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service organizes and implements clerical work, and is also the central administrative department of the association to conduct works and activities.

1. Under the leadership of general secretary of the Association, coordinate with the class of decision-making and management to make internal and external communications and coordination of the management process;

2. Organize related meetings and supervise and review the executive conditions for implementing the resolutions of Director Assembly, President Managing Meeting, and instructions and resolutions transmitted from secretary general;

3. Manage documents and archives of the association, taking secretarial, filing, administration, security and other routine administrative work;

4. Conduct personnel management and recruitment and deployment of personnel;

5. Undertake relevant inspections on party affairs and discipline inspections;

6. Provide reception services;collect and arrange related information to be delivered, research results; and provide the basis for officers to make management decisions.

II. Position setting and contact number

Director: Chen Dongsheng

Director assistant: Hou Meng

Contact number: 010-56176809

Fax: 010-56176804

Email address: